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On hold music and messaging

Use our free Request For Quotation services to locate qualified providers of on hold messages that will fit your needs and your budget.

After answering our short, 1 minute requirements on hold questionnaire we will carefully match your needs to 4 qualified pre-screened suppliers of on hold messaging at no obligation to you.

We are the only marketplace dedicated to linking buyers of On Hold messages, content, production, and hardware services and products with a trusted network of suppliers.

You decide the objectives of your on hold needs, we'll help you locate a supplier who will turn it into a production and get it installed for you

Check out our helpful article Creating a quality on hold message production and many more articles just like this one listed throughout our site.

Our service will evaluate your needs and send your business requirements for on hold messaging to up to 4 qualified suppliers. As our suppliers receive your requirements they will be able to respond with a quote for on hold services within hours.

Why not make on hold time, a pleasurable and engaging experience and take advantage of some prime captive customer time to let them know about the full services and products you offer. Use it to highlight something new for this month.

The great thing about using On Hold Messaging as a marketing vehicle, is that you've already got a customer on the line, why not leverage the opportunity?

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On hold messages and audio marketing
music and messages for the on hold caller
We find you pre-screened providers of on hold messages. Simply complete our 1 minute requirements questionnaire and up to 4 providers will compete for your business!
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Get an on hold message fast with our Business Critical Service Get up to 4 free quotes from pre-screened on hold message suppliers Receive up to 4 free quotes from pre-screened on hold messaging hardware suppliers

Need On-hold messages fast? This service gets you up and running quickly with On-hold messaging.

Our Business Critical service puts you in touch with 1 expert in the on hold message industry immediately.

If you want to get multiple quotes and proposals, you might prefer to use our Request For Quotation service as an alternative to this service.  

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Receive up to 4 quotes and proposals from proven on hold message suppliers and agencies within hours!

This service will automatically submit your specific needs and requirements to proven and trusted industry experts of on hold messaging.

If you want to compare and shop, this is the option for you.  

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If you need on hold hardware, or a source for on hold messaging hardware,'s Hardware Express is the place for you.

Select this option if you want to receive quotations from up to 4 different, proven suppliers and installers of on hold hardware.  

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